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50 Chemical Reactions

A Fullmetal Alchemist Challenge Journal

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This is 50 Chemical Reactions, a laid-back Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction challenge community.

The themes for this community consist of entry-level chemistry terms. You don't need to know anything about chemistry; interpret the terms any way you'd like. But, if you do feel you need more info, this is a good site.

1. Go to this post to claim a pairing (yaoi, yuri, het, incest, whatever).

2. Once you are approved, write or draw to your heart's content. The characters are yours to play with until you finish the themes or until you decide you don't want to do it anymore.

3. We are operating at three members per pairing and up to three pairings per writer. We'll see how that works.

4. Be sure to include the theme, either through direct mention or thematically, in your piece. You don't need to know any chemistry. These are entirely up for interpretation.

5. When you have finished, either post to let me know or email me at wood_fae@yahoo.com and you will get a pretty, shiny banner that says you completed all the themes for your chosen pairing.

6. Play nice.

7. Post warnings for explicit content to let us slackers browse while at work.

1. Trace elements
2. Covalent bond
3. Indivisible
4. Law of constant composition
5. Attraction of opposites
6. States of matter
7. Absolute zero
8. Frequency
9. Inert
10. Isotope
11. Half-life
12. Spectator ion
13. Equilibrium
14. Reactivity
15. Metallurgy
16. Heat of vaporization
17. Transitional metal
18. Specific gravity
19. Viscosity
20. Surface tension
21. Capillarity
22. Pure substance
23. Dissociation
24. Alloy
25. Sublimation
26. Chain reaction
27. Free Radical
28. Kinetics
29. Combustion
30. Concentration
31. Conductivity
32. Solvent
33. Entropy/Enthalpy
34. Fission/Fusion
35. Diatomic
36. Inertia
37. Catalyst
38. Theoretical yield
39. Polarity
40. Wavelength
41. Density
42. Litmus
43. Malleability
44. Collision Theory
45. Constant
46. Elementary particles
47. Corrosion
48. Balanced Equation
49. Formula
50. System

And here is a table for the themes, if you choose to use it. Thanks to aguynamedgoo for the lovely code! :)

001. Trace Elements 002. Covalent Bond 003. Indivisible 004. Law of Constant Composition 005. Attraction of Opposites 006. States of Matter 007. Absolute Zero 008. Frequency 009. Inert 010. Isotope
011. Half-Life 012. Spectator Ion 013. Equilibrium 014. Reactivity 015. Metallurgy 016. Heat of Vaporization 017. Transitional Metal 018. Specific Gravity 019. Viscosity 020. Surface Tension
021. Capillarity 022. Pure Substance 023. Dissociation 024. Alloy 025. Sublimation 026. Chain Reaction 027. Free Radical 028. Kinetics 029. Combustion 030. Concentration
031. Conductivity 032. Solvent 033. Entropy/Enthalpy 034. Fission/Fusion 035. Diatomic 036. Inertia 037. Catalyst 038. Theoretical Yield 039. Polarity 040. Wavelength
041. Density 042. Litmus 043. Malleability 044. Collision Theory 045. Constant 046. Elementary Particles 047. Corrosion 048. Balanced Equation 049. Formula 050. System

Go to it!

Claimed Pairings:

Cain Fury/Alphonse Elric: agunagirlafix
Izumi Curtis/Edward Elric: akira_chan
Roy Mustang/Edward Elric: blueotaku, morbid_flower
Roy Mustang/Gluttony: c_creevey
Roy Mustang/Maes Hughes: aya_kun_rose
Russell Tringham/Edward Elric: wicked_pistil
Winry Rockbell/Roze Thomas: baeckahaesten


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